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Relationships: Singleness, Polygamy, and Blessing (Deep Dive)
Deep Dive, Relationship Series, Podcast, Relationships  |  Feb 13, 2022

Relationships series

This is week three of our Relationships series. In this series we are looking at the life of Jacob and the way God redemptively used Jacob's relationships to bring about promise and deliverance for his people.

In this episode

Brad is back from vacation and in this episode, he and Dan focus on Genesis 28-29 and discuss Jacob's life and relationships including questions like:

  • Jacob had multiple wive - what do we do when we read the bible and encounter stories that seem so distant culturally from our own? Does the bible condone polygamy (no!).
  • How can we see our own messiness in Jacob's story?
  • What do Jacob and Downton Abbey have in common?
  • What does the word "blessing" mean and why is it such a big deal in the bible?

Resources referenced in this episode:

Book: Paul Copan, Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense of the Old Testament God. Amazon link.

Podcast Episode: The Bible Project, "Great Blessing and Great Responsibility." Episode link.

Email and more:

If you have any questions that you'd like to see us tackle in future episodes, shoot us an email at and we will make sure to include them!

You can find more resources for this series on our website:


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