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Next Steps

Next Steps

Core Classes

Core Class is Calvary's membership process.

Membership at Calvary is a personal commitment to build into our Jesus Matters Most culture through faithful doctrine, proactive relationships, and personal investment. Core Class explores both our church culture and the implications of membership in a quarterly meeting over lunch.

Check out the events section at the bottom of this page to see when our next Core Class will be happening.

**Participating in Core Class is required to apply for membership.

Small Groups: Beyond going to church...being the Church!

God created us to have meaningful relationships, and in a Small Group you will connect with others to live life together and experience growth and transformation.

Small Groups are the heartbeat of Calvary Church. With nearly 80 small groups in the St. Charles area, we’re sure you’ll find a group that will help you connect with others, serve and be served.

During this time some groups are meeting together in person, while others are meeting virtually. Maybe joining a small group is the next step on your spiritual journey.