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God created us to do life together, and life is simply better when we’re together. Connect with others through small groups, men’s and women’s ministries, events, and more. We think you’ll find life at Calvary more about “we” than “me.”

Small Groups: Beyond going to church...being the Church!

God created us to have meaningful relationships, and in a Small Group you will connect with others to live life together and experience growth and transformation.

Small Groups are the heartbeat of Calvary Church. With nearly 80 small groups in the St. Charles area, we’re sure you’ll find a group that will help you connect with others, serve and be served.

During this time when we are not meeting together in person, we can still grow spiritually online through virtual small groups. We are working on other creative ways to connect with people and spur one another to spiritual growth. If you are not part of a small group, we will be starting new virtual groups to help people keep in touch. Interested? Click the button below.

Join a VIRTUAL Small Group

Activate the Disciple in you!

A disciple is willing and able to purposefully invest in the lives of others. Imagine a multiplication movement springing forth from rich relationships that foster spiritual growth and health throughout our church and community.


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