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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Mid Rivers Campus Embrace Special Needs Ministry Director

Core Competencies

    Compassionate         Problem solving

    Galvanizing              Administratively organized

    Discerning                Multi-directional leadership 

    Prayerful                  Self-aware

General Description

The Mid Rivers Embrace Special Needs Coordinator/Director oversees the Special Needs Ministries of Calvary Church, welcoming all families into our services, programs and facilities. The personal goals of Embrace include discipleship of all persons, family care and community support. The practical goals of Embrace include advocating for special needs and proactively designing solutions. The missional goals of Embrace include consistently inviting the larger St Charles County community to participate in Calvary Church and Embrace events.


Lead Calvary to be an increasingly welcoming environment for Special Needs families:

  1. Develop a welcoming atmosphere
  2. Promote an inclusive culture
  3. Work with weekend volunteers and ministry leaders to identify and serve families
  4. Educate staff, leaders and volunteers at the Mid Rivers Campus on best practices

Develop, maintain and staff a sensory classroom environment that supports the unique needs of Special Needs persons 

  1. Oversee safe child practices as specifically applied to the sensory classroom
  2. Tailor Bible lessons to accommodate students in the sensory classroom

Lead Embrace Buddies for services, programs & events

  1. Recruit and lead a volunteer Buddy team
  2. Train Buddies with their Embrace child
  3. Specifically support Worship Services, Children’s Ministry, and FUSE Student Ministry
  4. Shepherd healthy relationships between buddies and families

Vacation Bible School is a special event at Calvary. Embrace supports families by:

  1. Recruiting and training buddies for VBS
  2. Staffing and supervising the Sensory room
  3. Proactively planning for the fun!

Plan events that reach Special Needs families (eg. respite nights, bi-monthly moms’ nights, family nights, etc.).

  • The expectation is bi-annually at a minimum.

Young Adult’s Embrace Community

  1. Recruiting volunteers to assist with Young adults Embrace group
  2. Implement Bible study material for Young adult Embrace group
  3. Organizing volunteer work with young adult Embrace group
  4. Include activities and refreshments as often as possible

Focused Work

    For the current ministry season (2022), the Ministries Director will:

  1. Work with Facilities Director and Tech Director to complete the Sensory Room
  2. Focus significantly on Children’s and FUSE Buddies
  3. Work with Young Adult families to sustain the program
  4. Plan at least 1 large events for families 
  5. Plan at least 3 special events for Embrace kids, students & young adults

For the future:

  • Lead Mid Rivers Campus to further ADA Compliance

Potentials to explore:

  • Connect Bible Studies (Women’s Ministry)
  • Studies & Classes (Gen. Adult Ministry)
  • MOPs, Moms Next (Women’s Ministry)
  • Sensory Room sharing 
  • Sensory Birthday Parties
  • Vine (College Ministry)
  • Community Ministry collaborations

Skills and Character Needed: 

  • Follower of Christ, who is seeking Him in all areas of life
  • Previous experience working with Special Needs persons or families
  • A gracious listener, preferably with some training in counseling families with Special Needs
  • Professional skills such as communication, organization, and flexibility 
  • Ability to use technology to complete tasks and communicate with teams
  • Galvanizing - recruiting and organizing people for effective ministry 
  • Discerning - decision making that advances the mission of Calvary Church 
  • Multi-directional Leadership – oversee a safe and effective program (leading down), educate and encourage colleagues (leading laterally), and envision best practices and best future adaptations (leading up)

 Interested Candidates Contact Dan Borth at


Facilities Associate Job Description


We are looking for a proactive Facilities Associate who is capable of helping us achieve our mission: to be servant leaders creating a welcoming and clean environment for all. 

This position will ensure all publicly accessible areas of the church and property are clean and ready for use. The position involves making minor repairs, changing light bulbs, vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing floors, sanitizing surfaces, and restocking items such as toilet paper, paper towels, and other supplies. Associates may assist with preparations for daily use and large events.

Facilities Associates should be observant, respectful, motivated, and committed to providing an orderly place to worship and gather. General knowledge of proper chemical handling and cleaning techniques is preferred but not required.

Role Descriptions: 

  • Reports directly to the Mid Rivers Campus Facilities Director
  • Part-time role (29 hrs max per week). 

Tasks Include: 

  • Be a point of contact for all facility-related issues and concerns.
  • Cooperate with the Facilities Director, Associate Director and Administrative Assistant to effectively and efficiently prepare the facilities for ministry use.
  • Work with the Facilities Team to maintain the facility in good working order. This includes setting rooms up for events and cleaning rooms before and after events.
  • Relate to other team members in a manner that cultivates healthy and collaborative team 

Skills and Character Needed: 

  • Professional skills such as communication, organization, and flexibility. 
  • High commitment level to family, church, staff, and community. 
  • Ability to set reasonable goals for self and team members.
  • Effectively manage time and schedule for the best outcome.
  • Motivation to work independently or with others to provide efficient services.
  • Position Requirements:
  • Custodial experience is a plus however, training will be provided.
  • Basic understanding of cleaning techniques and safety procedures.
  • Ability to pass a background check.
  • Communication, comprehension, and interpersonal skills.
  • Flexibility to adjust their schedule to suit the needs of the church.

Questions can be directed to Corey Hansen at and/or Dan Borth at 

Interested Candidates contact Corey Hansen at