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Movie Discussion Guide: General Questions
Movie Discussion Guide, Through the Lens  |  Jun 7, 2021
Movie Discussion Guide: General Questions

Every movie in some way can act as a mirror to better understand our own self and a lens to help us better understand the culture in which we live. Here are some questions that we can ask for any movie.

Discussion Questions:

  • What thoughts does this movie spur in you? What does it make you think about?
  • What is your emotional response to this movie? What did this movie make you feel?
  • What moments, character, or ideas resonated with you while watching this movie? What about them? Why did you connect with them?
  • What themes are present in this movie?
  • What is this movie saying about our world?
  • Why would someone want to watch this film? 
  • What is one good or winsome thing you could say about this movie to someone else?
  • What does this movie have to say about the big story we are in?

Here's a link to a printable pdf for this discussion guide.