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Movie Discussion Guide: Apocalyptic Movies
Movie Discussion Guide, Through the Lens  |  Jun 7, 2021
Movie Discussion Guide: Apocalyptic Movies

Why is the end-of-the-world such a popular subject for movies and other stories? We've seen movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, Children of Men, The Book of Eli, The Road, and I Am Legend do well at the box office. What are these stories telling us about culture and how does the Christian story interact with these films?

Discussion Questions:

  • How do these movies cause you to feel?
  • Do movies like these make you think of how you would respond in a post-apocalyptic world?
  • Why are there so many of these movies or shows?
  • What does a movie about the end of the world tell us about the present world?
  • These types of movies tend to have unhappy endings (with some small redemptive element along the way) - what might that indicate about how our culture thinks things are going?
  • The apocalypse is a good thing, or at least has a good result, in the biblical story (Revelation 22:12-21) - do we think of it in that light?

Here is a link to a printable pdf for this discussion guide.