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Good Friday Prayer Stations

To prepare our hearts for this Easter, we invite you to a unique and intimate experience, highlighting seven significant moments in the last days of Jesus. 

We hope that you will make this journey personal, experiencing it by yourself or with your family, in your home or your neighborhood. You may want to experience one Station each day of the week prior to Easter weekend. Or perhaps you would like to experience all seven stations on Good Friday. 

Three formats for the Stations experience have been provided via our website or mobile app:

  1. A complete downloadable and printable PDF guide
  2. The guide content is divided into the seven individual Stations
  3. Videos for each Station correspond with the guide content.

No matter how you personalize your experience, our prayer is that you will take time to contemplate the suffering and passion of Christ, as well as the sacrificial love He has for you.

Open downloadable PDF Guide