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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

No-cost Estate Planning, Charitable Planning Assistance, Planned Giving Solutions

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No-cost Estate Planning

Through our partnership with PhilanthroCorp we are able to connect our church family with an estate planning organization that will offer the service at no cost. Once PhilanthroCorp has walked you through the beginning stages of estate planning, you are then able to take that documentation to a local attorney to complete the process.

Their Experience with PhilanthroCorp
The whole experience of working with PhilanthroCorp was very good.The people we spoke with were straightforward and made the process as simple as possible. PhilanthroCorp’s estate experts were very knowledgeable about probate issues in our state, and this helped us when making our arrangements. While the planning of your estate can be time-consuming, we tell others it’s important to get it done, and have it done correctly. We felt comfortable working with PhilanthroCorp because our church of 20 years was recommending their services. It was great for us to know that we were being helped by Christians who shared our same values. 

Paul & Sharon Young
Calvary Attenders