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Special Needs

Special Needs

Embrace Special Needs Ministry

Calvary strives to provide an accepting environment where individuals with special needs can learn about Christ. We want to be there to Embrace people with special needs of all ages. We recognize the unique situations these families are in and want to do all we can to include all people in the ministry of the church. 

Here are some ways we can help:

Children - Birth through 5th grade

The children attend class for their age level. If they are in need of a buddy, one will be assigned. During the class they will have an engaging Bible lesson, with crafts, games, and activities. If during their class they get overstimulated, or need a break they can go to the sensory room with a buddy to reset.

Submit this form to learn more about Calvary's special needs programming at our Mid Rivers Campus. We can't wait to meet you!