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College Admissions Webinar


College could be just around the corner, or a few years away!  Do you have a desire to know how the admissions process works BEFORE you have to start dealing with it?  Or maybe you are already in the thick of it,  and want to make sure you are on track.... then this is for you! 

This webinar is targeted for High School Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors (and their families), as well as college age students who are interested in knowing more about the College Admissions process (however, anyone interested is welcome to attend). 

 Included in the session will be H.S Counselors and College Admissions Counselors representing St. Charles Community College, Lindenwood, MoBap, and Mizzou.  This webinar is free to all who register! 

*Update- Wash U will be unable to join this conversation due to scheduling conflict.


If you have already responded to an RSVP email, and entered your information, you do not have to register again. 

Use this registration button if you have not yet registered for your device, or if you would like to register someone else. 


Dan Borth