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MR | Women's Connect On-Going Classes - Thursdays

  • Thursdays at 9:30 AM

Mid Rivers Campus


Connect Thursday Studies Spring 2020

Gospel of John (chapters 13-21)
Led by: Carolyn Grube
This inductive verse by verse in-depth study of the Gospel of John (chapters 13-21) will challenge each participant to seek out God’s message to us in this fourth Gospel, and to apply His challenging precepts to our own faith journey. Supplemental facts and historical background information for clearer understanding of the text will be brought into each week’s discussion by the facilitator using the commentaries of Biblical scholars such as Barclay, Wiersbe, McArthur and Kruse.
No homework outside of class
A one inch, 3-ringed binder will be needed for organizing all handouts for the class. 13 weeks

Surrender to Love
Led by Sherrill Wall
"This book is about love -- not the soft, sentimental kind but the strong, spirit-transforming kind . It is about the paradoxical ways we often fear love and way love uniquely offers release from our deepest fears. It is about the consequences of building the spiritual journey around anything else than surrender to love. And it is about knowing ourselves to be deeply loved by God as the first step in becoming genuinely great lovers of others and God." David G. Benner
Need to Purchase: Surrender to Love ISBN:978-0-8308-4611-5
minimal homework
6 weeks beginning January 23 (group discussion may determine extra weeks are needed for this study)

The Names of God
Led by Laura Spradley
This is a study of 52 names of God that will help you experience Him in fresh and deeper ways. By exploring the names of God and of Jesus as they are revealed in the Old and New Testaments you will come face to face with the God of Scripture--a God who is utterly holy, powerful, surprising, merciful and loving.
Need to purchase The Names of God by Ann Spangler ISBN:978-0310283768
Minimal Homework
13 weeks

Be Reverent: The book of Ezekiel {CLASS IS CURRENTLY FULL - Not AVAILABLE} 
Led by Vicki Brown
This colorful prophet's message of hope to God's people in his day is also relevant for us today; reminding us of God's character and compassion.
Need to purchase Be Reverent: The book of Ezekiel by Warren Wiersbe ISBN: 978-1-4347-0050-6
2 hours of homework a week
13 weeks

Esther by Beth Moore
Led by Nancy Keller
This is the second half of the study we began last semester. We have divided each of the book's weekly lessons to cover over 2 weeks to allow for more discussion time. We cover the first 3 days one week, the last 2 days the following week and view the video this week also. This study is a very unique study that allows each lady participant to reflect on how God works in her life behind the scenes to ordain her destiny through His providence. New members welcome
Need to purchase: Esther (Its tough being a woman) by Beth Moore ISBN: 978-1-4158-6596-5 (If purchased last semester, no additional book purchase necessary.)
45 minutes daily homework
10 weeks, January 23-March 26

Keeping Up with the Kids!
Led by Spring Axelson and Jane Brelsford
Whether or not you have children, grandchildren or serve with children; this is a great opportunity to learn to talk to others about Jesus. Join us for uninterrupted time as we preview Bible passages and Home Front handout. Come as you are for a relaxed time to learn more about God's Word and live out what we learn.
No Bible Study experience necessary.
No homework.
No purchase needed. Materials provided each week
6 weeks, January 23-February 27
Sign up for all 6 weeks or drop in as your schedule allows

1 Thessalonians
Led by Jane Brelsford
Ready, Set, GROW! Come as you are to learn how to hear from God as you read, study, think about and apply God's Word. 1 Thessalonians is a short, encouraging letter to Believers. It is full of hope, joy and practical instruction for us today!
Scripture Journal provided the first day of class for cost of $5.00
No homework
No Bible Study experience necessary
6 weeks: March 12-April 16

Becoming a Woman of Influence by Carol Kent
Led by Susan Ohlms
Jesus' twelve disciples changed the world forever. Would you like to have a similar impact? Learn seven simple, life-changing principles Jesus used to influence others - like asking questions, telling stories, and offering unconditional love to others. Through practical examples, see how your struggles and triumphs can inspire others. 

Need to purchase Becoming a Woman of Influence by Carol Kent ISBN: 1576839338 AND also need to bring a notebook or journal.

60 minutes homework per week

11 weeks: January 30-April 9