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MR | Tuesday Co-Ed Drop-In Classes

  • Tuesdays at 6:30 PM

Mid Rivers Campus


One time registration fee of $20 gets you into any or all drop-in classes.

Spring 2020 Drop-in Classes - NOW Co-Ed!

Enneagram Series Jan. 21-Feb. 25
There are three triads of the Enneagram. The Instinctive/Gut Triad, the Feeling/Heart Triad, and the Thinking/Head Triad. Each triad also has a particular emotional theme that will be explored.

January 21- The Heart Triad & Shame - Jannette Sexson, Heather Brewer, Courtney Myers
Numbers 2, 3 & 4 are part of the Feeling/Heart Triad and the emotional theme is Shame. We will dig into these concepts. Everyone is welcome.

January 28- The Head Triad & Fear - Roberta Hewerdine, Susan Godbey, & Kristi Lam
Numbers 5, 6 & 7 are part of the Thinking/Head Triad and the emotional theme is Fear. We will dig into these concepts, and everyone is welcome.

February 4 - The Gut Triad & Anger - Jill Marks, Shelby Hewerdine & Gina Overton
Numbers 8,9 & 1 are part of the Instinctive/Gut Triad and the emotional theme is Anger. We will dig into these concepts, and everyone is welcome

February 11 - Relational Stances - Chad Myers
The social styles of the nine Enneagram types are divided into three stances: assertive, compliant, and withdrawn. Stances refer to the basic posture of each type and how they move in the world.

February 18 - Idolatry: Core Idols of the Heart - Chad Myers 

We all have core drives of the heart. Some hurtful behaviors come from a place of power, while others may come from seeking comfort. The Enneagram can help expose those so that we might see them redeemed into love.

February 25 - A Night of Enneagram Questions - Various Panel Members
Bring all of your Enneagram questions.


March 10: Matt Miller- Helping Hurting People in our Community

March 17: Elizabeth Makulec with KUTO on Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

March 24: Terry and Chantelle Sanderson- The Importance of Having a Vision for your Marriage

March 31: Will and Savannah Harrington- UrbanReach STL: When God Interrupts Our Comfort

April 7: Jill Keith- Journaling God’s Word: Putting a Little Mary into Martha

April 14: JJ Bond- The Role of Women in the Church: Are We Missing the Mark?