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Girls' Night Out | July 17

Mid Rivers Campus

Come relax and unwind with us for the next Girls'Night Out. Have you ever heard of Junk Journaling? This is a combination of both art and therapy. Remember that piece of paper you thought was beautiful, but ended up throwing it in the garbage because you had no purpose for it. Most of us probably grew up tearing sheets out of magazines of something we really liked, but alas into the garbage it went. What if you had a place for it? 

Junk journaling is low effort, no scissors required, and even stress free. Some say it can even be therapeutic to tear up paper. Best of all, each creation is completely unique. Beyond using all of that Junk to create the journal, you can continue it's purpose by making it into a photo album, or a writing journal. 

It will be helpful if you take a look at a video or read a blog about "junk journaling" so you can see what it is and start collecting your junk mail, pieces of papers, magazine sheets, old books, sheet music, maps, anything really(even food boxes). If there is a theme you wish to angle towards, look for things in that theme. The goal is not to purchase stuff, but to work with what you can find. We will also provide materials, but half the fun is bringing your own!


COST: $10