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Women's Ministry CONNECT Fall 2023

  • Thursdays at 9:30 AM

Mid Rivers Campus

CONNECT, Calvary’s studies and classes for women at the Mid Rivers Campus, offer an opportunity for women to connect with God and with one another through a variety of studies and schedules .

COST: $10


Women in Process: The Titus Two Woman with Edna Blake, Heather Brewer, and Kelly Bragg
10 Week Study: August 31 - November 30    

What concerns you most about how you are living your life in the year 2023? How can God's Word prepare us to live as godly women in the world at this time and culture? Join us as we go step-by-step through this passage to see ways to practically live out the truth of God's Word daily in 2023! Bring your Bible and be ready to learn from the Lord.

Study materials provided in class.

Ruth and Esther with Julie Cox and Carol Moore
10 Week Study: August 31 - November 30 

Can trusting God change the world? Ruth and Esther would say, "Yes!" Both chose to live out their faith in ways that would play a decisively bigger role in God's bigger plan. Ruth chose to leave the familiar, face hardship, and trust God with an unknown future. Esther chose to confront the king, and trust God, even if it cost her life. Their stories will inspire you to see how God wants to use your faithful commitment to trust Him to change your world.

Book: ESV Scripture Journal - Esther, $5.99 & ESV Scripture Journal - Ruth, $5.99 
ISBN-13: 978-1433546464 (Esther)
ISBN-13: 978-1433546389 (Ruth)

The Search for Significance with Mary Brandlen and Becky Dunn
8 Week Study: August 31 - November 16

How are you trying to find significance in your life? Are you always thinking you need others' approval? Always needing to achieve more? Feeling unworthy of love and deserving of punishment? Thinking you can't change and are hopeless? If you experience one or more of these symptoms, The Search for Significance was written for you. In this study, you'll discover why your quests for meaning haven't brought lasting happiness. You can get off the performance treadmill. One by one, you'll encounter Satan's lies and replace them with God's truth. As you learn how to avoid harmful thoughts and actions, you'll start living as a victorious Christian.

Homework: about 15-20 minutes for 5 days/week.
Book: The Search for Significance, $11.95 
ISBN-13: 978-0633197568

Perfect Love: Pursuing Intimacy with Christ through the Song of Solomon with Karla Scharfinski
 **This is a special 1-hour class for 7 weeks from August 31 to October 12.**  

We all want to be known and loved. Though we can experience deep relationships with others, there will always be a hole in our hearts for the perfect love of Christ. But, what does that really mean? How do we pursue intimacy with an invisible God? In seven powerful sessions, author and Bible teacher Lisa Harper walks women through the Song of Solomon to answer those questions and more. Though romance and marital love are typically associated with this book, Lisa takes a Christ-centered approach to illustrate how this ancient love story is relevant to your life and relationship with Jesus today. 

Study materials provided in class.


Childcare is available for birth - grade 6. (Be sure to register all children so we may provide an adequate number of childcare workers.) All classes will be off on Thursday, October 19, for fall break and again on November 2 & 23.