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MR | Sunday Tailgate 2022!

In the Parking Lot

The smells, sounds, and community that surround a Tailgate at a football game are unforgettable!  We are inviting everyone to COME TAILGATE WITH US!  Let's experience some good old-fashioned community and fun after our 9 am service. (No 10:30 service today) Tailgates open, grillers grillin', community games, and more! 

Sunday October 16, 2022 will be unforgettable!


We would love it if all Calvary Friends join us!

Tailgaters reserving car spaces:  Your role is to grill food and provide sides! Not just food for your car or group, but food for anyone who does not reserve a spot and wants to join the fun. Some of you like to grill specific things at tailgates!  Great, Bring it on!  You know who you are. Don't worry about running out, or having to buy too much.  We want to see groups tailgate together. Think ministries, serving teams, small groups, groups of friends, etc. Flying solo? We'd love to have your tailgate, too! All tailgates will set up at 8:30 and tear down about 12.

Choose 1 team captain to reserve one tailgate spot for your group to gather around. (One car per group. Reserve via registration below.)
If you are flying are your own captain.  More details will come to those who reserve car spaces.

Tailgaters not reserving a car space: Your role is to come join in on the fun!  Meander through the cars, play some games, eat some food, be the crowd! No reservations or parking passes necessary for general public. Bring a lawn chair to hang out a while. 



Brad Aslin