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Stay Connected

Stay Connected

So, this is new, right? Calvary's buildings are closed; services, events, and activities have been cancelled. Professional sports teams are playing in empty stadiums. Schools and libraries are closed. It's a different world today than it was last month, and frankly, there's still a lot that we just don't know.'s what we do know. God is still God, and the Church is not a building!

I Timothy 5 describes the Church--the people--taking care of one another and going about the business of accomplishing what God has called them to do. So let's BE THE CHURCH. Let's stay connected, reaching out through social media, emails, texts, and maybe some old-fashioned cards, letters, and phone calls. 

Ministry Keeps Moving

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Virtual Events

Stay Connected Virtually! 

We were made for relationships, and spending a lot of time isolated is not good for us. Let's get together via video with virtual events. 

Visit the Events Page to find out what's virtually going on at Calvary.

RightNow Media: A Free Resource

Say hello to a library of free videos that inspire faith every day.

RightNow Media is a free resource for Calvary attenders, and during this pandemic emergency, it's free to everyone! Thousand of videos available for adults, couples, singles, and kids!


Talk to your kids about anxiety

Kids & Anxiety

During this time of uncertainty, we are all experiencing some unease, and it's natural for children to be anxious.

Here are some resources to help you talk to your kids.

Other resources:

Family Devotions

Family Devotion Resources

Check back often for more resources!

Weekly Preschool & Elementary Videos & Parent Guides

Virtual Small Groups

Virtual Small Groups? Yes!

During this time when we are not meeting together in person, we can still grow spiritually online through virtual small groups. We are working on other creative ways to connect with people and spur one another to spiritual growth. If you are not part of a small group, we will be starting new virtual groups to help people keep in touch. Interested?

CLICK HERE for virtual groups.

How can you help?

Calvary's food pantry will continue serving our community. Additionally, while the schools are closed, we want to help families whose children receive free lunches and Weekend Hunger backpacks.

Donations of non-perishable food may be brought to the Mid Rivers Campus at any time. Please leave food at the entrance with the protective portico overhang.

Current needs include cereal, mac & cheese, peanut butter, jelly, canned pasta, spaghetti, tuna, canned chicken, canned chili, ketchup, mayo, mustard, and canned soup.